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April 2004


Power… This month’s e-newsletter focuses on power – everyone wants it and the people and organizations listed in the articles below intend to get it – with a little help from Mother Nature of course!  Read on to learn how these highlighted individuals are harnessing Earth’s power to benefit everyone.


Don’t Miss the FSB Training!!  WasteCap will be hosting the highly motivational Fostering Sustainable Behavior workshop on Thursday, May 13th at Mahoney State Park in Ashland, Nebraska.  Read the article in this month’s e-newsletter to see how you can benefit from attending or click here for complete event information!


Clean Your Files Week is approaching fast!  This year’s CYFW event will be held from April 19th – April 23rd.  We need to have all registration forms by April 16th if you wish to participate!!


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What’s New for April 2004:


¨      WasteCap’s New Member Profile

¨       Buffalo Wild Wings

¨      Greetings from WasteCap’s Newest Staff Member!

¨      There’s Still Time to Register for the 5th Annual “Clean Your Files Week!” 

¨      Sponsors Announced for May 13th Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop

¨       “Can for Books” Event to Raise Money for Schools’ Libraries

¨      Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

¨      Markets Corner

¨      New Experimental Car Powered by Air

¨      Wind Power Picks Up Speed

¨      “Powerbuoys” Give Waves New Purpose

¨      Number 2 Becomes Number 1 Power Source for Developing Countries



WasteCap’s New Member Profile

WasteCap of Lincoln is pleased to welcome the following business into our membership. 


Buffalo Wild Wings

In 1981 a couple guys in Kent, Ohio had a craving for some authentic New York-style Buffalo wings. Instead of road tripping to New York, they decided to open their own joint. Hence the beginning of Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar – one of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chains in the country – the no-holds-barred grill and bar with affordable, top-quality food, including our award-winning chicken wings. Today, our concept has expanded beyond just a NY-style wing joint. We have big-screen TVs, onscreen NTN Trivia and a menu full of great food.


Today we have over 250 company-owned and franchised Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar restaurants in 29 states. A modified wait-style service allows us to offer affordable, made-to-order food with a focus on Buffalo, New York-style chicken wings. Our food can be enjoyed in the restaurant or at home through takeout. The franchise is designed to generate revenue from additional sources as well, including full bar service (subject to local ordinances), designed to appeal to thirsty customers and your bottom line.


The Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar concept is the result of research and careful evaluation, creative planning and years of experience. Our stores have evolved since 1982 in response to customer preferences, but three core objectives have remained unchanged: quality food, value pricing and an entertaining atmosphere.


Recently, we partnered with our neighbors, The Coffee House and Bison Witches Bar & Deli, to begin a co-op recycling program so that we can help reduce our waste.  If you have any questions, please contact Jim Haran at 475-2999 or [email protected]



Greetings from WasteCap’s Newest Staff Member!

Hi WasteCap Members!  My name is Sara Brockmeier and I am the new intern here at WasteCap.   I graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2003, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Studies and an emphasis in biology.   I was introduced to WasteCap through the Environmental Resource Center at UNL, when they began their search for another staff member last year.  I was very interested in the activities that WasteCap was involved with to increase environmental awareness in the Lincoln area.  My first experience with WasteCap was when I volunteered at last year’s Business R&R Event.  It was a great introduction to WasteCap’s effort to educate and involve our community in more sustainable business practices.  I am very excited to be working for an organization that is proactive in increasing environmental awareness and promoting environmental responsibility.



There’s Still Time to Register for the 5th Annual “Clean Your Files Week!” 

April 19th – 23rd has been named “Clean Your Files Week.” This event provides businesses, government, office building, and educational institutions with the opportunity to support Earth Day, increase awareness about recycling, and help to conserve valuable resources by recycling more office paper.


All businesses are eligible and encouraged to participate in Clean Your Files Week.  Simply contact Sara at 436-2383 or [email protected] to receive an enrollment form.  Participation is easy – simply return the form by April 16th with your contact information, how many people at your business will be participating, and whether or not you’ll need additional containers.  We’ll do all the rest of the work for you – including delivering posters, t-shirts, and tracking your recycling volumes.


 “Clean Your Files Week” is organized by Recycling at Work, a campaign of the National Office Paper Recycling Project, a public-private partnership managed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors, with the help of Clean Your Files national sponsors.  Local sponsors include City of Lincoln, Midland Recycling, Lincoln Public Schools, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and WasteCap of Lincoln. 



Sponsors Announced for May 13th Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop  

Twelve community organizations and programs have contributed monetary sponsorships for the upcoming “Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop,” on Thursday, May 13th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Mahoney State Park in Ashland, NE.  A special thanks to all our sponsors listed below who, by investing their resources with us, have made this high-quality training more affordable for all potential attendees.


  • City of Lincoln Solid Waste Operations
  • City of Lincoln Water System
  • City of Lincoln Watershed Management
  • Lincoln Electric System
  • Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
  • Lower Platte South Natural Resources District
  • Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
  • UNL Environmental Studies Program
  • UNL Water Center
  • UNL College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
  • UNL College of Arts & Sciences


This revolutionary and highly motivational one-day training focuses on how to generate long-lasting behavior change as well as creating highly visible and effective environment-focused programs.  General concepts can also be related to any field where programs are implemented.  The training, in addition to identifying barriers to behavior change and the tools needed for effective behavior change strategies, provides businesses, groups, organizations, and government with the tools need to implement cost-effective and successful programs that will produce behavior and lifestyle changes. 


Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, author of Fostering Sustainable Behavior, will guide attendees through the principals of his technique entitled community-based social marketing (CBSM).  This technique is an attractive compliment to regulatory and information intensive campaigns.  In contrast to conventional approaches, CSBM has been shown to be very effective in bringing about behavior change due to its practical approach.  From this training, attendees will learn how to:


  • Identify the barriers to desired behaviors
  • Use behavior change “tools” to design more effective programs
  • Pilot test a program to ensure positive results
  • Evaluate the impact of a program once it has been implemented



The cost of the training session is $99 per person ($79 for WasteCap members), including validated parking, continental breakfast, lunch, and a copy of the book entitled Fostering Sustainable Behavior.  For more information or to register for the training, call WasteCap of Lincoln at (402) 436-2383 or click here to download a registration form.    



“Cans For Books” Event to Raise Money for Schools’ Libraries

Cans For Books, the 3rd annual aluminum can recycling program to support your favorite elementary or middle school library, will be April 1st - April 30th, 2004.  This unique event provides individuals, families, and business the opportunity to raise money for any and all Lincoln/Lancaster County school libraries.


Just bring your aluminum cans to the south location at A-Can Recycling 3255 S. 10th St. or the north location of A & J Recycling 3400 N. 22nd St. (2 blocks north of Cornhusker Hwy).  All cans will be weighed and Midland Recycling and A-Can Recycling will then donate $0.05 per pound to your school’s library and you will receive cash for your cans!  However, you will have the option to receive the market value payments for the cans, OR donate some or all of the payment to the designated school’s library fund.  Businesses are also welcome to participate by recycling as a group and support one or all of the elementary or middle schools.


There will be no pick-ups arranged – individuals/businesses must bring all cans to either A & J Recycling or A-Can Recycling.


A & J Recycling is located at 3400 N 22nd Street. Turn north on 20th Street at Cornhusker Highway, go 2 blocks.  Turn right on Judson Street, go 2 blocks to 22nd Street. Turn left and you’ll be there. A & J Recycling is open Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, and Saturday, 8 am – 1 pm.


A-Can Recycling is located at 3255 South 10th St. It is 2 blocks south of Van Dorn and is located behind Dahlberg Motors.  A-Can Recycling is open Monday-Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, and Saturday 8 am – 2 pm.


Midland Recycling will award cash prizes toward the purchase of books ($400, $200, and $100) to the first, second, and third place school that collects the most money per capita (designated total dollar donation / school enrollment) for the promotion. Lee Booksellers is offering first ($50) and second ($25) place gift certificates to the top two students who collect the most poundage.  Midland Recycling will also give T-shirts and an environmental trophy award to the student winner.


Midland Recycling has partnered with Ventures in Partnership (VIP) to promote this event.  VIP will inform and encourage each school’s VIP business partners to save cans generated at their businesses and by employees, and to bring the cans to A & J recycling & A-Can Recycling to benefit partner schools.  VIP will also include the event on radio spots and Neighborhood Extra articles.  Midland Recycling will provide posters for each interested school.  CFB is sponsored by Midland Recycling, A & J Recycling and A-Can Recycling in conjunction with Lee Booksellers, Ventures in Partnership (VIP) and LPS Recycling.


For questions, call Midland Recycling representative Ken Cooper at 610-2897 or Marti Franti, Recycling Coordinator at Lincoln Public Schools, 436-1061.



Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

Reminder that WasteCap of Lincoln members do receive discounted fluorescent lamp, ballast, electronic and battery recycling services through Retrofit Recycling (800-274-1309) and Environmental Compliance Enterprises (466-2268).  Please let us know if you need an updated price sheet.



20th & 21st



5th & 6th

19th & 20th

27th & 28th


Markets Corner




























Reminder that WasteCap/INFORM Members using Midland Recycling are paid $20 under the reported price for loose cardboard (OCC) and $5 under the reported price for baled cardboard in bales weighing over 1,000 pounds.


Material abbreviations:

OCC- Old Corrugated Cardboard

CPO- Computer Print Out
Mag- Old Magazines
News- Old Newspaper

SOP– Sorted Office Paper



New Experimental Car Powered by Air

A new car, developed by French inventor Guy Negre, runs entirely on a highly-compressed air.  The car is completely pollution-free – producing only cold air as exhaust – and has gained quite a bit of attention by investors and environmentalists of late.  Unfortunately, the car can only travel 37 miles before running out of power – too little power and too short a distance to make it a conventional means of travel. However, Mr. Negre has already gone back to the drawing board to create a hybrid. Early versions of this hybrid, which couples the compressed air and a clean-burning external combustion engine, boasted a whopping 94 miles to the gallon!

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Wind Power Picks Up Speed

A recent press release indicated wind power has increased 26% since 2002.  The current global generating capacity of more than 39,000 megawatts represents enough to power 19 million average European households, or 47 million people.  The United States and Europe combined accounted for 88% of the total wind power, with Germany alone responsible for 40% thanks to recent developments.  At the end of 2003, global investment in wind power was worth $8 billion – proving that wind may not be viewed as an “alternative” energy source much longer.

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“Powerbuoys” Give Waves New Purpose

Plans are underway for the world’s first commercial-scale wave-driven power station. A wave power firm by the name of Ocean Power Technologies recently signed a deal with a Spain electricity utility to pilot 10 power-generating buoys.  While these initial “powerbuoys” will generate a small 1.25 megawatts, the company plans to unveil 100-megawatt buoys in place by 2006.  Even though the buoys, which float just under the water surface and turn wave energy into mechanical force, would not be able to generate power during intense storms or complete calm, they are still an attractive alterative to fossil fuel usage and other clean power-generators.  Wave power is expected to be on-line 80-90% of the time (compared to 20-30% for some solar systems), take up less space per kilowatt-hour than wind farms or conventional generators, and have an operating cost 2-3 cents cheaper than wind power.

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Number 2 Becomes Number 1 Power Source for Developing Countries  

Researchers recently unveiled a microbial fuel cell (MFC) that is able to generate electricity from sewage.  The MFC uses bacteria – and chemical techniques/reactions similar to those that the body uses for food digestion – to break down raw human waste.  The electrons resulting from this process, which would normally power respiratory reactions in the bacteria, are diverted and turned into power generators.  An interesting and beneficial side-effect is that the harmful organic matter is broken down, thereby making the MFC simultaneously act as a sewage treatment plant.  This is great news for developing countries that desperately need both sewage treatment facilities and inexpensive energy.  The team developing the MFC hopes that a scaled up version of the system could produce 51 kilowatts on the waste from 100,000 people.

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