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August 2003


It’s not easy being green…  August’s E-Newsletter highlights some folks who are setting the example with respect to the environment.  Look to these highlighted businesses and individuals for new and exciting ways to “go green.” 


The Wait is Over…. WasteCap’s 2nd training and vendor show is in the works!  With a new name – the Business R & R Event - and the promise to have 20 more vendors and an award luncheon, this event will be bigger and better!  Click here to see last year’s reviews as well as current listing for sponsors, vendors, training sessions, and an agenda for the 2003 event. 


Quick E-Newsletter Change…. Because some of our readers have recently experienced difficulty reading WasteCap’s E-Newsletter directly from e-mail, we will now be attaching the Word document when we send the e-newsletter.  Please contact us as [email protected] if you continue to experience problems!


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What’s New for August 2003:


¨      WasteCap’s New Member Profile

¨      Shredding Solutions

¨      Pfizer Inc Talk & Tour Draws 50 Business Representatives for Tour, Presentation, and Lunch

¨      Over 13,000 Pounds of Electronic Equipment Recycled during August 8th Computer Collection

¨      Folsom Children’s Zoo to Host “Kids for the Planet Day” on August 23rd

¨      Plans Underway for September 22nd Talk & Tour at FireWorks & Lazlo’s Restaurants

¨      Green Dreams Come True for NSRA & ARD Inc.

¨      Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

¨      Markets Corner

¨      Insect-Repelling Clothes: Bad for Bugs, Okay for Environment

¨      New UPS & FedEx Vehicles Deliver Goods and Green

¨      Green Dining: Eating with an Environmental Conscience 

¨      Plastic Pallets Provide Worth in Productivity & Profit

¨      Seinfeld Star Shows Off Environmentally Friendly Hideaway




WasteCap’s New Member Profile

WasteCap of Lincoln is pleased to announce that our membership is growing and now includes some of the service providers that our current members are using.  We are happy to welcome them into our membership.


Shredding Solutions

Shredding Solutions has been providing quality service to a five-state region, including Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, and Missouri for two years now.  Their customer base includes anyone from private households to large corporations.  They provide locked security containers that are serviced on-site by bonded, security-screened employees.  Shredding Solutions also provides destruction certificates for every set of shredded documents. 


Shredding Solutions is a company of Palmer and Sons Refuse, which started its business in 1986.   The business expanded in 1988, providing services to South Central Lincoln and rural Lancaster County.  In 1989 the business partnered with the city and the county to determine ways to recycle waste and procedures for dealing with grass and leaves.  Mike Palmer, owner and president of Shredding Solutions, remains active in the community through his involvement with the Lincoln Solid Waste Management Association.  Not only has Palmer and Sons Refuse been members since 1986, but Mr. Palmer also held the position of President for the years of 1999 and 2000, the 50th anniversary year for the LSWMA.



Pfizer Inc Talk & Tour Draws 50 Business Representatives for Tour, Presentation & Lunch

Fifty business representatives attended WasteCap’s second Talk & Tour at Pfizer Inc on July 30th, 2003.  The event began with a four-part tour highlighting waste reduction and recycling techniques in the 896,000 square foot facility’s recycling collection areas, the rebuilt cafeteria and food service areas (that had been rebuilt with consideration given to waste reduction, reuse, and recycling), a packaging area that had recently begun recycling a new type of plastic scrap, and finally a mezzanine that overlooks one of the site’s biological manufacturing suites. 


Following the tour of the facility, attendees gathered in the newly remodeled cafeteria where Pfizer employees discussed specific details of the waste reduction and recycling program.  Highlighted aspects included recycling program organization and statistics, silent auctions, swap shops, employee recycling team makeup, Keep Nebraska Beautiful’s Material Exchange Program, and Partners in Pollution Prevention (P3) Intern Program.


Wes Bartley, of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, was also in attendance to discuss benefits of involvement with EPA’s National Environmental Performance Track Program, a program designed to reward and encourage organizations that have embraced a strategy of going well beyond minimally acceptable levels of environmental performance.  After speaking to the assembled group, Mr. Bartley presented site leader Rick Saffee and EH&S Director Jack Coogan with a framed certificate acknowledging Lincoln’s entrance to the family of Performance Track sites.  With this award, Lincoln becomes the third Pfizer site, having followed Lititz, Pennsylvania and Terre Haute, Indiana, to be recognized through this particular EPA program.


A lunch, provided courtesy of Pfizer Inc, was served to any interested attendees following the completion of the presentation.  A brief question and answer period helped Pfizer employees and other business representatives field any remaining questions concerning the waste reduction and recycling program. 


An exit survey completed by attendees showed that well over 90% of all those in attendance believed that the event (i.e. cost, length, tour, presentation and overall) was a big success. All attendees expressed at least a slight interest in attending a similar Talk & Tour event in the future. 


Attendees were extremely positive in their feedback about the waste reduction and recycling program at Pfizer Inc.  They indicated learning about, among several other things, plastic recycling service providers, silent auctions, swap shops, recycling program statistics and organization, and the high employee commitment to the program’s efforts.  General facts such as how to eliminate Styrofoam from employee cafeterias and the importance of making recycling easier than throwing materials away were also favorites of the attendees. 


This was to be the second of two NDEQ Waste Reduction and Recycling grant-funded Talk & Tours hosted by WasteCap.  However, due to the financial generosity of Pfizer in paying the expenses for their event, it will be possible to host a third Talk & Tour event using that initial NDEQ grant money.  The third Talk & Tour will be held at the downtown FireWorks and Lazlo’s on September 22nd, 2003.  Due to the two initial Talk & Tours successes, as well as the great interest in other potential T & T locations, WasteCap plans to make these events a permanent addition to the calendar. 


If you have any questions and/or would like more information about the waste reduction and recycling program at Pfizer Inc, please contact John Downey at 441-2249 or [email protected].



Over 13,000 Pounds of Electronic Equipment Recycled during August 8th Computer Collection  

WasteCap of Lincoln hosted its eighth computer collection, third in Lincoln, on Friday, August 8th from 9 am to 1 pm at State Fair Park.  Just over 13,000 pounds of computers and electronic equipment were collected from the 80 participants, including the weight from 199 monitors.  Click here to see photos from the event.


Since April 2001, WasteCap of Lincoln has worked with six different communities to recycle in excess of 85,000 pounds, including the weight from 1,561 monitors.  In Lincoln alone, nearly 55,000 pounds of electronic equipment were collected.  Combining the amount gathered from all eight collections, participants saved nearly 6,900 cubic yards of landfill and storage space and kept over 28,000 pounds of leaded glass from entering local landfills!  


All of the equipment from last Saturday’s collection will be broken down for recycling at CP Recovery of Omaha.  If you missed our computer collection and/or still have materials to recycle, click here for a listing of service providers who will take your electronic equipment. 


A special thanks to all our volunteers and sponsors – our event would not have been nearly as successful without your help and support!



Folsom Children’s Zoo to host “Kids for the Planet Day” on August 23rd

Together with other local community groups, the Folsom Children’s Zoo will be hosting its first ever recycling awareness event called “Kids for the Planet Day” on Saturday, August 23rd from 10 am to 3 pm.  Several hands-on stations throughout the zoo will teach participants how to reduce, reuse and recycle, in addition to highlighting current recycling and conservation projects in our community.  The zoo will have animal demonstrations as well as the opportunity for children to make enrichment toys for the animals using recycled items.  All families will be given a pledge sheet when entering the zoo which asks to list ways they can recycle and help conserve the enviroment at home.  At the end of their visit, families who have filled out their sheets will be given a free train ride (limit one per family).


Midland Recycling is providing the Mobile Environmental Education Trailer from Iowa for visitors to tour.  Pepsi, who has partnered with the zoo in some recent recycling projects, is donating the Mountain Dew Obstacle Course and Pepsi’s Husker Football Pass.  Raptor Recovery will be present to explain how pollution affects animals in the wild and will bring along some of the birds they are rescuing.  Other participants include WasteCap of Lincoln, Keep Nebraska Beautiful, Pioneers Park Nature Center, Lower Platte South Natural Resource District, Recycling Enterprises, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, and the City of Lincoln Recycling Office.


“Kids for the Planet Day” is sponsored by Pepsi, KFOR Radio Station, Midland Recycling, and WasteCap of Lincoln.  For more information about this event or any other events hosted by the zoo, contact Mary Cords at 475-6741 or [email protected].



Plans Underway for September 22nd Talk & Tour at FireWorks & Lazlo’s Restaurants

WasteCap of Lincoln, with funding from Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, is hosting a Talk & Tour at FireWorks on Monday, September 22nd, 2003 from 2:00 to 4:30 PM.


This Talk & Tour, which is the third such event funded by the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, will focus on the waste reduction and recycling efforts at Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill, Telesis, FireWorks, and Empyrean Ales.  The half-day event gives special attention to the unique recyclable collection process between these four businesses sharing the same downtown alley in the Historic Haymarket of Lincoln.  Through a tour and presentation, employees will highlight various aspects of the recycling program, including the process of maintaining a successful recycling program in a food service facility, implementing a recycling cooperative with other local restaurants, demonstrating how space is not the true limiting factor to a recycling program’s success, and exhibiting the benefits of being a “green” restaurant.  All businesses are welcome to network and learn from each other how to implement and maintain a successful commercial recycling program.  The tour will close with a complimentary beer tasting featuring freshly brewed Empyrean Ales.


The cost of the Talk & Tour is $15 for non-members, $5 for NICE, BEL, and NRA members, and is free to all WasteCap members.  Early registration is advised, as space is limited to fifty business representatives.  Please contact Carrie Hakenkamp, director of WasteCap of Lincoln, for more information at 436-2384, 436-2360 fax, or [email protected].



Green Dreams Come True for NSRA & ARD Inc.

On a sun dappled, tree-lined boulevard of some of Nebraska’s most historically significant homes sits the newly completed America Recycles Day Green Dream House in McCook, Nebraska.  This project represents a massive local, regional, and national collaboration designed to show that “Green is good!”


In 2001, out of 6.2 million recycling pledge cards, one was selected to be the grand prizewinner of the third Green Dream House to be built using a range of resource conserving products and practices.  This prize won by Judith Mahoney, a resident of McCook, Nebraska had a monetary value of $200,000. The Board and Staff of America Recycles Day, Inc. (ARD), and the Nebraska State Recycling Association (NSRA), a host of volunteers, contributors and local contractors have worked tirelessly to bring this project to completion.


The house, a 1,600 square-foot, three-bedroom home, was designed to complement the architectural diversity in the neighborhood.  Nearby is a refurbished Frank Lloyd Wright house, the original birthplace of Senator George Norris, Senator Ben Nelson, and former Governor Frank Morrison.


“This convergence of history, progressive public service and civic pride makes McCook, Nebraska the perfect place for this home,” said David Wilken, NSRA Board Chairman.  “By using recycled-content building materials, energy efficient equipment and design principles and careful construction waste management, we have set a challenging standard for housing construction in Nebraska.”


Steve Andrews, project manager for the home calls the “…product research, selection, and distance issue to be his biggest challenges” he faced in managing the project. “Access to recycled-content building materials is improving in the Midwest and we are hopeful that this high-profile project will help build public demand for even more of these innovative materials in the region.” He further notes “our priority has been to minimize environmental impact during extraction, manufacturing, transportation, and installation when selecting products.  We used insulated concrete forms that reduced the use of timber (wood) with the polystyrene form acting as the finishing material for interior and exterior walls.  We also used recycled PET carpet that is one of the easiest materials to find.  It also reduces the amount of virgin extraction (petroleum) that traditional synthetic carpet consists of.”


Gilpin Construction, a local construction firm, is the prime contractor for the construction of this house.  Sponsors for the Green Dream House include America Recycles Day National Sponsors, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, National Recycling Coalition, Nebraska State Recycling Association, and Nebraska Public Power District.


An Open House on July 24th featured a press conference, ribbon cutting ceremony, and tours.  For more information on the house, please contact Steve Andrews, Program Coordinator at (402) 933-3059 Extension 12 or [email protected].



Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

Reminder that WasteCap of Lincoln members do receive discounted fluorescent lamp, ballast, electronic and battery recycling services through Retrofit Recycling (800-274-1309) and Environmental Compliance Enterprises (466-2268).  Please let us know if you need an updated price sheet.



25th & 26th



8th & 9th

22nd & 23rd



Markets Corner




























Reminder that WasteCap/INFORM Members using Midland Recycling are paid $20 under the reported price for loose cardboard (OCC) and $5 under the reported price for baled cardboard in bales weighing over 1,000 pounds.


Material abbreviations:

OCC- Old Corrugated Cardboard

CPO- Computer Print Out
Mag- Old Magazines
News- Old Newspaper

SOP– Sorted Office Paper



Insect-Repelling Clothes: Bad for Bugs, Okay for Environment

Being compared to the revolutionary impact of Gore-Tex, the new insect-repelling clothing by Buzz Off Insect Shield is creating quite a buzz.  The new garments, which recently received approval from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and US Food and Drug Administration, provide effective protection against mosquitoes, ticks, chiggers, spiders, ants, midges, and flies through more than 25 washings.  This unique form of protection is made possible by permethin, a non-toxic synthetic form of the all-natural insect repellent derived from the chrysanthemum plant.

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New UPS & FedEx Vehicles Deliver Goods and Green

UPS, whose 70,000 delivery trucks travel more than 1.3 billion miles annually to deliver some 4.7 billion packages, has about 2,000 green trucks on the roads already.  FedEx, which adds another 30,000 trucks to the mix, is known for their fleet with clean technologies, including diesel-electric hybrids and hydrogen fuel cells.  Cost savings is the biggest motivator for these two giants to go green.  Green machines are more expensive to buy initially, but are cheaper by far to maintain and operate.  Hybrids, for example, can cut fuel costs in half and lower emissions by 90%, producing an enormous cost savings and some much-needed PR for a resource-intensive industry.  The backing and purchasing power of UPS and FedEx will help others in the nationwide 5-million truck fleet follow suit, which has a huge positive environmental impact as trucks produce more than 30% of urban smog.

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Green Dining: Eating with an Environmental Conscience 

Everyone has to eat, and in these busy times, we are eating out more and more.   Think about the weight lifting off your conscience when you are handed your takeout order and/or doggy bag in biodegradable packaging, instead of that not-so-environmentally-friendly, yet so prevalent Styrofoam.  Well, it could be coming to a restaurant near you thanks to the Green Restaurant Association.  The GRA is a 13-year-old nationally organized non-profit that exists to assist restaurants and their customers become more environmentally sustainable in ways that are convenient and cost-effective.  Unfortunately, there are no green restaurants listed for Nebraska yet, but there are area dining establishments who are utilizing the steps to facilitate a greener atmosphere.  If you would like to send information to your favorite restaurant to get them involved, or if you are employed with a local restaurant, click here for more information about enrolling in the program. 

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Plastic Pallets Prove Worth in Productivity & Profit

Thanks to new technology and pioneering businesses nationwide, several pallet alternatives are becoming more prevalent to help eliminate business’ wooden pallet waste.  Some of the newest pallet types are plastic, which can provide benefits such as durability, affordability, increased impact resistance, chemical and water resistance, and exemption from export regulations.  These benefits seen by plastic, and other reusable pallets, are being highlighted and promoted by the Reusable Pallet & Container Coalition.  The RPCC “advocates the growth of reusable packaging and systems in North America due to the economic, environmental and safety benefits created by re-use.”

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Seinfeld Star Shows Off Environmentally Friendly Hideaway

Sure you know Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine on Seinfeld, and her husband Brad Hall as a writer and producer for “Frasier” and “The Single Guy,” but did you know they are committed environmentalists?  She has been actively involved with nearly a dozen environmental organizations, including Heal the Bay, Natural Resources Defense Council, and Trust for Public Land over the past decade.  He is helping lead the effort at the Environmental Media Association to get energy-guzzling Hollywood studios to reform their wasteful operations.  Now, they’ve transformed their oceanfront bungalow near Santa Barbara to “practice what they preach.”  Their new home boasts net-metered rooftop solar panels, sustainably harvested tropical woods, a natural ventilation system, and insulation made of recycled newspaper.

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