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February 2004

It’s a Gas!!! February’s E-Newsletters is all about gas – greenhouse gases that is!  Read on to learn more about the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and see how you can calculate your own personal carbon dioxide (CO2) emission rate! 

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Waste Reduction at WasteCap…. In an effort to reduce office paper waste at your office and ours, WasteCap has moved to an electronic newsletter.  Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any interested parties, but refrain from printing it out in its entirety.  All past e-newsletters can be found on our website under the “Archives” tab.  Thank you! 

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What’s New for February 2004:


¨      WasteCap’s New Member Profile

¨      Nebraska Animal Medical Center

¨      WasteCap Seeking Part-Time Intern

¨      Upcoming Events for WasteCap of Lincoln – Mark Your Calendars!

¨      Service Provider Open Forum Discusses Memoranda, RFPs, & Audits

¨      WasteCap Unveils 5-Year Plan for Statewide Expansion

¨      2004 Lincoln-Lancaster County Environmental Awards Nominations Needed

¨      Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

¨      Markets Corner

¨      Super Bowl Game Emissions Countered by Major Refuse Company

¨      Scientists Offer Balloons as Solution to Increased CO2 levels

¨      United Kingdom Sets Aggressive Plan for CO2 Reduction

¨      Calculate Your Own Carbon Dioxide Emissions!


WasteCap’s New Member Profile

WasteCap of Lincoln is pleased to welcome the following business into our membership. 

Nebraska Animal Medical Center

Over the past sixteen years our veterinary practice, known as Forney Animal Center, grew from one doctor to five.  With five veterinarians on staff, we feel the change to our new name, Nebraska Animal Medical Center best reflects the mission of our veterinary practice and hospital.  As we have for the past sixteen years, we are pleased to be able to provide the very best in veterinary care available to our patients, now as Nebraska Animal Medical Center

NAMC offers state of the art medical and surgery facilities, specialized diagnostic equipment and the latest in computerized in-house laboratory equipment for quicker diagnosis; Real Time Ultrasound and Laser Surgery capabilities; Board Certified specialists on staff by appointment, including a Veterinary Orthopedic surgeon, a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, and Veterinary Cardiologist.  Our NAMC doctors practice all aspects of small animal medicine and surgery and each have special interest such as dentistry, dermatology, internal medicine, and small exotic pets.  We offer a complete animal medical center with five veterinarians on staff and a support staff of 40.

NAMC is striving to recycle more and more. Currently we recycled cardboard, paper, cans, plastic, old x-ray film, empty printer ink cartridges, and cell phone batteries.  We also reuse towels and blankets, using them in our kennels and for rags, etc.  For more information on our recycling program or to donate towels and blankets, please contact Shelley Forney at [email protected] or (402) 421-9100.


WasteCap Seeking Part-Time Intern

WasteCap of Lincoln, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing waste reduction and recycling technical assistance to Nebraska businesses, is currently seeking a part time intern (15-20 hours per week).  The Research & Technical Assistance Coordinator will directly assist staff by:

  • Providing on-site recycling program technical assistance to Lincoln businesses
  • Completing on-site outreach to determine member needs and satisfaction levels
  • Performing recycling service provider audits to monitoring recycling procedures, market authenticity, and service quality
  • Developing industry-specific testimonials for potential members
  • Encouraging increased local business involvement in WasteCap’s services and programs
  • Calculating and compiling recycling and cost savings reports for WasteCap members
  • Contacting local service providers to determine scope and range of recycling services
  • Compiling materials for WasteCap’s archival and scrapbook needs
  • Scheduling and completing preparations for monthly steering committee meetings
  • Researching various waste reduction and recycling topics for educational materials

This is an invaluable opportunity for anyone considering the environmental field as a career.  Interested parties need not be a college student to apply.  Please forward this information on to anyone who you feel may be interested in this position.  WasteCap staff will begin interviewing this week, with the position being filled by the first part of March.  Contact Carrie Hakenkamp, Director of WasteCap of Lincoln, directly at 436-2384 or [email protected] with any questions about and/or to apply for the position.


Upcoming Events for WasteCap of Lincoln – Mark Your Calendars!

The following is a list of the events and trainings scheduled by WasteCap thus far for the 2004 calendar.  Mark down the dates now into your calendar – we’ll be sending more information and formal invitations soon!  Click here to see a full list of our 2004 events and activities.

Electronic Equipment & Lighting Waste Collection – Wednesday, April 28th from 10 am to 2 pm at College Park in Grand Island, Nebraska

This grant-funded collection will offer businesses the opportunity to recycle old electronic equipment and lighting waste at a reduced fee.

Fostering Sustainable Behaviors Workshop – Tentative Date: Thursday, May 13th from 8:00 am to 4:30 at Mahoney State Park

WasteCap of Lincoln, with several local partners, is tentatively planning to host a full-day training on community-based social marketing.  This event, the first of its kind to be in Nebraska, will teach attendees the tools needed to create positive social change in business/governmental waste reduction and recycling programs.  For more information, visit www.cbsm.com


Service Provider Open Forum Discusses Memoranda, RFPs, & Audits

WasteCap of Lincoln hosted a second Service Provider Open Forum in late January.  The purpose of the forum was three-fold.  First, WasteCap unveiled its 5-year statewide expansion plans (see article below).  The second purpose of the meeting was to discuss the benefits of being a service provider member and utilizing a master agreement with WasteCap for recycling services.  The final purpose of the forum was to discuss the possibility of developing a program to offer service provider audits and a possible recycling “certification.”  Over a dozen service providers were on hand to learn more about how their membership in WasteCap can lead to future business success. 

In unveiling WasteCap’s expansion plans, Director Carrie Hakenkamp discussed the process that will be used when working with new communities.  This process includes gathering data from the local business community in a needs assessment, gathering information from Nebraska Department of Economic Development Business Retention and Expansion survey results, meeting with local businesses and working with service providers to ensure that there are services available on a local level as well as Memoranda for business use in those communities.  Ms. Hakenkamp provided each attendee with a sample Request for Proposals (RFP) and information regarding the Minimum Performance Standards used in all of WasteCap’s Memoranda. 

The Memoranda serve as an agreement between WasteCap and the service provider on behalf of the businesses.  There was a great deal of discussion regarding the potential benefits for participating in the memoranda.  The reasoning is simple: businesses benefit by knowing that their service provider is dedicated to providing fair, equitable services and meeting a minimum performance level; service providers benefit through WasteCap referrals, less time spent seeking customers that are not good potential matches for services and the opportunity to tell clients that they do meet the minimum performance standards; WasteCap benefits because we are able to provide this valuable service to businesses, we know what services are offered, by whom as well as where, it helps us with volume tracking for our members and it helps to build relationships between the service providers and the business community.

Finally, there was preliminary discussion about the possibility of developing a recycling “certification” for recyclers in the state.  The idea comes from the need to evaluate the services of (specifically) electronics recycling, reuse and refurbishing companies.  Because these businesses handle a potentially hazardous waste, depending on how the materials are managed, the whole process can become quite confusing for businesses wanting to properly manage their used electronic equipment.  Eventually, the program would target most types of recycling businesses. 

WasteCap has proposed to the service providers that a panel be created to develop minimum performance standards, a listing of permits and regulatory requirements and develop a “certification” program that would allow recyclers to be listed based on the types of services they provide and whether or not that service provider has taken all of the “required” steps to become a great recycler.  It would likely work similar to how the Better Business Bureau manages their membership.  To start the process, WasteCap will need volunteers from various regulatory agencies, recycling service providers and private businesses.  The program will be developed as somewhat of a peer review program that will be available to assist businesses in making the difficult decision of which recycler to use for their needs.  Please contact Carrie Hakenkamp at (402) 436-2384 or [email protected] for more information or to volunteer for the committee. 


WasteCap Unveils 5-Year Plan for Statewide Expansion

Following a very long process of strategic planning with members of the advisory committee, WasteCap has finalized a strategic plan and a five-year statewide expansion plan.  Both plans go hand in hand and provide goals for the growth of WasteCap of Lincoln.  Included in the plan for statewide expansion is an eventual name-change to WasteCap Nebraska.  The name change will better depict the service area that WasteCap will be serving.  Here are a few of the highlights from the strategic plan:

WasteCap Nebraska Mission Statement: to provide waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention assistance to Nebraska businesses through business to business peer exchange for the benefit of business and the environment.

Target Areas: WasteCap Nebraska serves all Nebraska businesses with a target towards the small and medium-sized businesses that need the most assistance with waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention.

Goals of the organization:

Goal One: Strengthen the organization through a statewide expansion strategy which includes diversifying funding for self sustainability, expanding membership, improving/maintaining quality services and facilitating partnerships to strengthen our ability to serve the businesses of Nebraska with waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention services. 

Goal Two: Educate businesses regarding waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention opportunities.  Increase the purchase of recycled content and environmentally preferable products.

Goal Three: Advocate professional and cost-effective waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention services for businesses.  Provide technical assistance to businesses to implement, expand and/or maintain waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention programs. 

WasteCap Nebraska plans to meet the above goals through offering business workshops and our monthly e-newsletter, Talk & Tours, providing on-site technical assistance, and working with service providers to ensure that good, quality, cost-effective services are available for businesses across the state.

The expansion plan includes a progressive strategy for working with communities across the state.  WasteCap has already begun working with Grand Island to develop local programs and bring businesses together to work as a similar cooperative.  The plan seeks to start one new community at a time, likely one per year, with several communities in different stages of program development.  Each year of the plan includes providing on-site technical assistance to businesses, developing a local committee and working with the committee to develop a plan that works in their business community. 

For more information about the expansion, contact Director Carrie Hakenkamp at (402) 436-2384 or [email protected]


2004 Lincoln-Lancaster County Environmental Awards Nominations Needed

Do you know of an individual, business, community group, school or youth/youth group who deserves to be recognized for their efforts in protecting the environment?  If so, nominate them for a Lincoln-Lancaster County Environmental Award.  The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department, co-sponsors of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Environmental Awards, are requesting award nominations in the following categories:

  • Pollution Prevention: Preventing pollution and waste from being created, toxics reduction
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling:  Reduction in the amount of waste sent to the landfill
  • Water Conservation:  Reduction in water use, utilizing water conservation equipment or planting drought tolerant plants.
  • Cleanup/Beautification:  Improvement in an area’s visual quality
  • Residential/Commercial Development:  Reducing waste during construction, utilizing drought tolerant landscaping, energy efficient or green building techniques
  • Environmental Education/Awareness:  New or exemplary efforts for providing or supporting environmental education programs; increasing awareness about local environmental issues

Click here to access the nomination form on the web.  Feel free to make copies of the nomination form and distribute it to your friends, staff or colleagues.  Nominations may be made in more than one category if appropriate.  We know there are a lot of individuals, businesses and groups in Lincoln and Lancaster County deserving recognition. 

Thank you for your help in promoting this worthwhile effort.  Deadline for nominations is March 19th.  For more information please contact Harry A. Heafer at [email protected] or 441-8035. 

The Awards Dinner will be held on Friday, April 23rd at the Bryan Hospital Conference Center beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Reservations are $15 per person and may be made by contacting Harry A. Heafer at [email protected] or 441-8035.

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Environmental Awards is a collaborative project of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Department.  Many generous donors make this event possible each year.


Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

Reminder that WasteCap of Lincoln members do receive discounted fluorescent lamp, ballast, electronic and battery recycling services through Retrofit Recycling (800-274-1309) and Environmental Compliance Enterprises (466-2268).  Please let us know if you need an updated price sheet.



24th & 25th


2nd & 3rd

10th & 11th

24th & 25th

Markets Corner


























Reminder that WasteCap/INFORM Members using Midland Recycling are paid $20 under the reported price for loose cardboard (OCC) and $5 under the reported price for baled cardboard in bales weighing over 1,000 pounds.

Material abbreviations:

OCC- Old Corrugated Cardboard
CPO- Computer Print Out
Mag- Old Magazines
News- Old Newspaper
SOP– Sorted Office Paper


Super Bowl Game Emissions Countered by Major Refuse Company

It is suspected that the spectacle of Super Bowl XXXVIII earlier this month released as much as 85,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.  Waste Management, one of the largest private registrants of greenhouse gas emission credits, donated enough credits to cover the emissions created by the Super Bowl in efforts to ensure that the game did not harm the climate.  Waste Management obtains these greenhouse gas emission credits by voluntarily capturing the methane component in landfill gas.  Methane gas, which is produced as waste decomposes in the landfill, can be collected within the landfill, compressed, dried and filtered, and then sent through turbines to produce energy.  Waste Management’s 72 gas-to-energy projects in 22 states supply more than 200 megawatts of electricity – enough to power 180,000 homes, with direct sales of methane gas to industrial users replacing over two million barrels of oil each year.

For the Complete Story, Visit:



Scientists Offer Balloons as Solution to Increased CO2 Levels

Recently, the world’s top climate scientists and technologists met to discuss possible fixes to the climate problem.  Thus far, two plans have been discussed: capturing and burying carbon dioxide emission and/or shielding the planet from solar radiation.  Capturing emissions is not viewed as the favorable option since gas leakage could lead to death by asphyxiation for anyone near the incident.  Instead, scientists have recently been focusing on a bubble-making machine that creates and lifts billions of tiny metal-coated balloons up into the atmosphere.  These balloons would then aid the naturally forming clouds in reflecting the sun’s light, thereby reducing the greenhouse effect.

For the Complete Story, Visit:



United Kingdom Sets Aggressive Plan for CO2 Reduction

Recently, the United Kingdom announced that by 2010, it will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 20% through regulations and pollution credit trading systems – a tougher standard than was set by the Kyoto Protocol.  UK electricity prices are expected to increase – 3% for households and 6% for businesses - as a result of these new standards.  Power companies relying on cleaner types of energy generation, such as nuclear, water, and wind, will be benefited more than coal-powered generators.  In addition to the regulations, the UK also introduced a pollution credit trading system.

For the Complete Story, Visit:




Calculate Your Own Carbon Dioxide Emissions! 

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) has developed a unique quiz for any and all who are interested.  The “Personal CO2 Calculator,” with a little bit of background information on your part (annual miles you drive, amount of energy you use monthly, etc.), provides a personalized account of how much carbon dioxide emissions you contribute to the Earth on an annual basis.  After taking the quiz, the ICLEI website directs you to lists of opportunities available for you to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

For the Complete Story, Visit: