WasteCap of Lincoln’s E-Newsletter

May 2003



Happy Spring!  This month’s E-Newsletter is focused on “hard to do” things, such as the Spring Cleaning and packing that WasteCap is doing right now!  These highlighted items might be difficult to recycle, but businesses and organizations are trying their best to make the recycling process easier and more productive.  


WasteCap is moving!  Effective May 9th, WasteCap will be relocating its office space to the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  Check out the article in this month’s e-newsletter for our new contact information.


DATE CHANGE:  2nd Annual Training & Vendor Show set for November 4th, 2003- Mark your calendars!  Following in the footsteps of the “Nebraska Recycling & Pollution Prevention Training & Vendor Show” of October 2002, this year’s event promises to be bigger and better!


Check out our website at www.wastecaplnk.org for WasteCap’s 2003 Calendar of Events along with all our recent publications and press releases.



What’s New for May 2003:


¨      WasteCap’s New Member Profile

¨      Nebraska Wesleyan University

¨      WasteCap Relocates to Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

¨      Environmental, Health, and Safety Award Winners Recognized at 2003 Nebraska Safety Council Conference

¨      City of Lincoln & Lancaster County 2003 Environmental Award Winners Announced

¨      2003 “Clean Your Files Week” Results Now Available

¨      Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

¨      Markets Corner

¨      Yogurt Cups Find New Life as Toothbrushes, Picnic Tables

¨      Computer Disk Recycler Offers Closed Loop Recycling

¨      Phone Companies Locate New Homes for Old Cell Phones

¨      Carpet Recycling Enhanced by CARE Program

¨      Erin Brockovich II: Taking on the California School System

¨      Priorities Set for Environmental Cleanup in Post-War Iraq




WasteCap’s New Member Profile

WasteCap of Lincoln is pleased to announce that our membership is growing and now includes some of the service providers that our current members are using.  We are happy to welcome them into our membership.


Nebraska Wesleyan University

Nebraska Wesleyan University is an academic community dedicated to intellectual and personal growth within the context of a liberal arts education and in an environment of Christian concern.

Wesleyan has 1,500 undergraduate students enrolled.  The University operates on 50 acres of land with 860,000 square feet of building space.  Their staff consists of four grounds team employees, eight maintenance employees, 20 custodial employees, and 30 seasonal part-time to full-time student workers to help maintain and keep our campus clean and operational. 


With on-site technical assistance provided by both WasteCap of Lincoln and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, recycling rates at Nebraska Wesleyan University have nearly doubled since last year.  The program went from having only a few recycling containers on campus to at least a half dozen containers in every building, including residence halls.  The recycling program includes office paper, aluminum, cardboard, plastic #1 & #2.  Toner cartridges, with assistance provided by “Cartridges for Kids,” are the newest addition to the growing list of recyclables collected on campus.


Recycling awareness has increased immensely among staff, faculty, and students.  Staff and students alike are very proud of the recycling program, which is lead and maintained a student organization on campus.  Nebraska Wesleyan would like to extend a special thank you to Carrie Hakenkamp and Dale Ekart for their assistance in making the recycling program what it is today. 



WasteCap Relocates to Lincoln Chamber of Commerce

Effective Friday, May 9, 2003, WasteCap of Lincoln's offices will be located with our parent organization, The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce.  Our P.O. Box, e-mails and website will remain unchanged.  Our new fax, phone and physical address is listed below.  Please make sure to update your files prior to May 9th.


Please continue to use our P.O. Box for mail correspondence.

Our new physical address will be: 1135 "M" Street, Ste. 200 Lincoln, NE 68508

Our general information line will be: 402/436-2383

Our fax number will be: 402/436-2360


Carrie Hakenkamp
Director, WasteCap of Lincoln

Voice: 402/436-2384
[email protected] 


Erin Novak

Outreach Specialist, WasteCap of Lincoln

Voice: 402/436-2383

[email protected]



Environmental, Health, and Safety Award Winners Recognized at 2003 Nebraska Safety Council Conference

As part of the “2003 Nebraska Safety, Health & Environmental Conference & Exposition,” several local businesses were rewarded for their workplace commitment to environmental, health, and safety issues.  The awards luncheon was held on April 16th, the second day of the two-day event, at the Cornhusker Hotel.  The award winners are listed below, with WasteCap of Lincoln members in bold.


Achievement Award Winners

ASC Capacitors, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Lincoln Diesel Shop, Chardon State College, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corporation, PCS Phosphate Company Inc.


Merit Award Winners

American Tool Companies, Inc. (Beatrice Operations), Elkhorn Rural Publics Power District, Fagen, Inc., Leprino Foods, Loup River Public Power District, Nebraska Public Power District, Pfizer, Inc., X-ped-X


Nebraska Safety Council’s “Safety Excellence” Awards

Ayars & Ayars, Inc., City of Lincoln, Flowserve Corporation, Fremont Area Medical Center, Hormel Foods, LI-COR Biosciences, Lincoln Plating Company, Mycogen Seeds, Nebraska Turkey Growers, Rockwell Automation/Reliance Electric


John J. Siefkes Award

Allan “Al” Hansen of Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway


Governor’s Safety and Health Award

Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Unit


Nebraska Industrial Council on Environment’s (NICE) Environmental Awards

Individual Category: Howard Gebhart of Air Resource Specialists

Business & Industry Category: Nucor Steel Corporation

Other Organization Category: Keep Nebraska Beautiful’s Used Oil Collection Program

Specific Environmental Project: Bonnavilla Homes & Pavers, Inc.


Congratulations to all the 2003 Environmental, Health, & Safety Award winners!  For more information, please contact Jeannette Tupe of the Nebraska Safety Council at (402) 483-2581 or [email protected].



City of Lincoln & Lancaster County 2003 Environmental Award Winners Announced 

The 2003 Environmental Award Ceremony, hosted by Lincoln-Lancaster County Helath Department, Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful, and the Public Works & Utilities Department, was held at the Cornhusker Hotel on April 22, 2003.  A dozen local businesses, organizations, and individuals were recognized for their environmental efforts.  The event served as the 20th Anniversary Recognition of Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful for its litter control and educational efforts.  Award winners are listed below, with WasteCap of Lincoln members in bold.


Waste Reduction & Recycling

Alter Scrap Processing

Irving Middle School

Russ’s IGA (B & R Stores, Inc.)


Water Conservation

Blake Gipson, Seeds of Life


Cleanup & Beautification

McDonald’s Restaurants


Residential & Commercial Development

Brock Peter, Containment Contracting

Ken Westerhold, K-West Construction


Pollution Prevention

Nebraska Air National Guard


Environmental Education/Awareness

Laura Tegtmeier, Prescott Elementary School

Lincoln High School Ecology Club & Job Practice Class

Raptor Recovery of Nebraska

Wachiska Audubon Society


Congratulations to all the 2003 Environmental Award winners!  For more information, please contact Harry Haefer of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department at 441- 8035 or [email protected].



2003 “Clean Your Files Week” Results Now Available  

Clean Your Files Week 2003 was held the week of April 21-25.  Twenty-eight (28) buildings, including businesses, public schools, City/County Offices, and State Offices purged and recycled 29,500 pounds of office paper and files.   Since 2000, Clean Your Files Week has helped to remove nearly 148,000 pounds of office paper from the waste stream.  Participants collecting the largest volume per capita in the categories of business, schools and government offices will be awarded a plaque sponsored by Midland Recycling and presented by the newly elected Mayor Coleen Seng at the Mayor’s press conference tentatively scheduled for the week of May 19th.


The winner in the business category was Duncan Aviation.  In all, 20 Duncan employees recycled 1,200 pounds of office paper for a per capita average of 60 pounds per employee.  The City/County Building won the government category collecting 4,580 pounds of paper.  Of the 17 public schools participating in Clean Your Files Week, Yankee Hill Elementary School will be awarded for collecting 7 pounds per enrolled student (180 pounds).  Receiving honorable mention from the LPS category is the East High Business Department for recycling 43 pounds per employee (300 pounds).


Other businesses that participated include: Stanley-Senior Technologies (43 pounds per participant), Telesis, Inc. (23 pounds per participant), Pfizer, Inc. (13 pounds per participant), Gallup (12 pounds per participant) and the Lancaster County Extension Office (8 pounds per participant).  Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s Clean Your Files Week.  We look forward to your continued participation next year!



Retrofit Recycling Pick-Up Dates

Reminder that WasteCap of Lincoln members do receive discounted fluorescent lamp, ballast, electronic and battery recycling services through Retrofit Recycling (800-274-1309) and Environmental Compliance Enterprises (466-2268).  Please let us know if you need an updated price sheet.



12th & 13th

27th & 28th



9th & 10th 

23rd & 24th



Markets Corner




























Reminder that WasteCap/INFORM Members using Midland Recycling are paid $20 under the reported price for loose cardboard (OCC) and $5 under the reported price for baled cardboard in bales weighing over 1,000 pounds.


Material abbreviations:

OCC- Old Corrugated Cardboard

CPO- Computer Print Out
Mag- Old Magazines
News- Old Newspaper

SOP– Sorted Office Paper



Yogurt Cups Find New Life as Toothbrushes, Picnic Tables

Americans generate 50 million pounds of used toothbrushes every year.  Since 1997, Recycline has partnered with Stonyfield Farm to remove some of that plastic from the waste stream.  Stonyfield Farm offers to recycle any yogurt cups returned to the company, which Recycline then uses that plastic to make its unique Preserve brand toothbrushes.  Recycline also provides consumer with a postage-paid recycling mailer, so the plastic from their toothbrushes can be recycled yet again into picnic tables, decks, boardwalks, and other durable products.  Preserve brand toothbrushes can be purchased right here in Lincoln at Open Harvest Natural Foods, a local cooperative grocery and WasteCap member.  

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Computer Disk Recycler Offers Closed Loop Recycling

Computer users throw away four million disks every day – that’s over a billion disks a year!  In order to help get those obsolete disks out of the waste stream and back into circulation, GreenDisk asks that you ship all your old compact discs, floppy disks, and videotapes to their recycling facility in Columbia, Missouri.  There, any remaining information on the disks and tapes are magnetically erased, fully inspected and evaluated.  Disks and CDs are disassembled into plastic and metal components to make new disks and other items.  The tapes are de-labeled, cleaned, packaged, and resold.  Thus, their process “closes the loop” on recycling since businesses shipping materials to the facility can also buy high quality recycled products with a lifetime guarantee (triple tested to be error-free).

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Phone Companies Locate New Homes for Old Cell Phones

Each week, one million mobile phones are discarded, potentially causing mercury, lead, and arsenic contamination.  AT&T recently became the first wireless carrier to partner with EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling Program and Keep America Beautiful to offer refurbishing and recycling options for unwanted wireless phones, accessories, and batteries, regardless of the manufacturer or carrier, at any AT&T Wireless retail store nationwide.  The AT&T Wireless Reuse & Recycle Program, in addition to recycling the materials that are unable to be reused, will donate all refurbished electronic equipment to groups that respond to emergency situations, such as the American Red Cross.  CollectiveGood and Staples recently teamed up to offer drop-off locations for phones, pagers, and personal digital assistants.  The equipment will either be remanufactured and sold at discount prices to Latin America countries, or recycled with proceeds going to the Sierra Club.  Locally, unwanted wireless equipment can be given to Alltel, who will redistribute the materials to local battered women’s shelters.  Contact Lee Gerner for more information at 436-5886 or [email protected].

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Carpet Recycling Enhanced by CARE Program

More than 2.5 million tons of carpet are discarded each year.  The Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE), forged by the carpet industry, government agencies, and other non-profits, aims to improve the recovery rate of post-consumer carpet.  Ten states already participate in the CARE program, which also fosters market-based solutions for recovering value from discarded carpet and a schedule for the phase out of its land disposal and incineration.  While only 4% of waste carpet is currently recovered, the CARE program aims to increase that recovery rate to 20% by 2012.  The recycled carpet can be used to produce plastic lumber, parking stops, pallets, and new carpeting.  Locally, CP Recovery of Omaha processes post-consumer carpet.

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Erin Brockovich II: Taking on the California School System

Erin Brockovich is back in the news.  Ms. Brockovich and her boss, attorney Ed Masry, are now tackling the city of Beverly Hills and its school district.  An active oil field under athletic fields at Beverly Hills High School is claimed to have caused 280 cases of thyroid cancer, Hodgkin’s disease, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma since the 1970s.  This gives the school a cancer rate 20 to 30 times higher than the national average.  The duo first made the news for their environmental crusade on behalf of Hinkley residents, which was chronicled in the 2000 Julia Roberts movie “Erin Brockovich.”

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Priorities Set for Environmental Cleanup in Post-War Iraq

The United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) recently issued a report addressing post-war risks to the environment and to human health, and offering guidelines for immediate relief and long-term environmental management.  Water, sewage and waste systems must be given immediate assistance to prevent the spread of cholera and typhoid, two potentially fatal diseases spread by poor water sanitation.  The country is facing other dire consequences of the war as well, including smoke from oil-well fires; lingering radioactivity from depleted uranium; ecosystems devastated by heavy bombing and military maneuvers; and lack of electricity, which cuts off pumps that circulate water, remove sewage, and desalinate irrigation water.  The cleanup will be a daunting task as the Iraqi environment has experienced great stress from the 2003 Iraqi conflict, 1991 Gulf War, 1980s Iran-Iraq War, and the mismanagement and abuse of the regime of Saddam Hussein. 

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