Attendees Describe Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop as Practical & Informative

Over 75 business representatives attended the Fostering Sustainable Behavior Workshop hosted by WasteCap of Lincoln on Thursday, May 13th at Mahoney State Park in Ashland, Nebraska.  The full-day training session had a wide variety of attendees, ranging from recycling coordinators to public health officials, funding agencies to individuals wishing to create behavior change through their non-environmental focused programs. 

Regardless of their background, attendees enrolled in the training to learn about Dr. McKenzie-Mohr’s community-based social marketing techniques for creating positive and long-lasting behavior change.  The training, in addition to identifying barriers to behavior change, provided attendees with the tools needed to implement cost-effective and successful programs that will produce behavior and lifestyle changes.  Attendees reported learning about:

·        Commitment Techniques

·        Perceived Barriers & Benefits Identification Models

·        Prompt Techniques

·        Focus Groups Composition & Function

·        Community-Based Social Marketing Techniques

·        Ineffectiveness of Current Ad & Educational Campaigns

·        Availability of Relevant Case Study Information

·        Roles & Power of Norms in Society

·        Conducting Pilot Programs

·        Conducting Telephone Surveys

·        Effective Communication Techniques

Dr. Doug McKenzie-Mohr, author of Fostering Sustainable Behavior, coupled a highly informative presentation with group interaction.  Attendees were grouped together based on their specialty/interest with respect to environmentally-related programs, thus allowing attendees to practice implementing the new techniques with other colleagues in their specific field.  He also referenced his website which has numerous case studies and other resources showing the effectiveness and implementation strategies for community-based social marketing techniques.

WasteCap of Lincoln has received a multitude of positive feedback from this event and hopes that all the attendees will find benefits from the training materials.  Soon, event feedback and results will be posted on our website at  WasteCap of Lincoln will also be initiating an e-mail listserve of workshop attendees in order to help facilitate the use of community-based social marketing techniques in Nebraska’s programs.  Please contact our office at (402) 436-2383 or [email protected] if you wish to be included in this listserve.   

A special thanks to all our sponsors who, by investing their resources with us, made this high-quality training more affordable for all attendees.  FSB Workshop sponsors included: City of Lincoln Solid Waste Operations, City of Lincoln Water System, City of Lincoln Watershed Management, Lincoln Electric System, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, Lower Platte South Natural Resources District, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, UNL Environmental Studies Program, UNL Water Center, UNL College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources, and UNL College of Arts & Sciences.

Over 75 business representatives attended the one-day training at Mahoney State Park on May 13th

Dr. McKenzie-Mohr teaches attendees about community-based social marketing techniques to encourage behavior change and increase program effectiveness.


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