Industrialized Nebraskans for Organized Recycling Management
June 1999

Landfill Fees to Increase in September

According to City officials, the per ton tipping fee at the Bluff Run Landfill will increase from $16.00 to $20.00 per ton in September of this year. Steve Owen, Superintendent of Solid Waste Operations, explained that the fee increase is based on a long-term schedule of fees, so it should not come as a big surprise. The six-year planning period includes outlooks for the Capital Improvements Program (CIP), which includes major construction funding and annual operating expenses.

In addition to the annual operating budget for the Bluff Run Landfill, which runs approximately $3.6 million each year, the solid waste fees charged at Lincoln’s facilities support the following program areas: Yard Waste Composting, Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris disposal, a small vehicle transfer station, closure of the 48th Street landfill, recycling programs, illegal dumping clean-ups, special waste management, and Household Hazardous Waste collections. According to Owen, over $6 million in expenditures are planned for capital improvements in the next year. The (Continued on Page 3) money will be spent on lateral expansions of the landfill, site improvements, a cap to begin covering the Bluff Run Landfill, and to extend site and litter fencing. With respect to the old 48th Street landfill, fees help to cover the cost of monitoring, closure, and corrective action on landfill gas migration. Although these expenditures are not typical of the Solid Waste Operations’ annual capital improvements expenses, they have been included in the six-year plan.

Even though Lincoln residents will be seeing an increase in their garbage hauling bills, Lincoln and Nebraska as a whole have some of the lowest rates in the nation. These rates are also the lowest of the 12 states that make up the Midwest region from Ohio to Nebraska and Kansas to North Dakota. The average rates for states in the region include a per ton fee of $24.09 for Nebraska, $25.59 for Kansas and $52.54 for Minnesota. With rates rising, it is easy to speculate that recycling and waste reduction programs will become more prominent in many businesses. According to Steve Owen, “as landfill fees go up, recycling makes more and more sense.”

This article is the first in a three part series regarding the tipping fee increase. Look for the other articles in the next two newsletters.

Extra Inventory Web Site Debuts

Excerpted from Official Board Markets, May 29, 1999)

In response to every corporation's need to efficiently and profitably manage excess inventory, has created the world’s first independent, business-to-business Internet marketplace it facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of extra inventory, idle assets, and last year’s products. The site promises significant strategic advantages and cost savings over traditional methods of managing excess inventory and acquiring products in the forest and paper industries.’s business model is similar to e-Bay, the highly-successful consumer Internet auction site. On, executives can buy and sell items in over 50 product categories in an auction-based, sealed-bid, or fixed-price format.

After only three weeks of operation, $25 million in assets and excess inventory have been listed on More than 30 Fortune 1000 companies across a variety of industries are currently selling on

“Companies typically spend a lot of time and money managing excess inventory and idle assets but are unable to maximize the sales revenue on these goods because they work with a limited group of liquidators, jobbers and auctioneers,” says Brin McCagg, CEO and founder of “ makes the process of managing excess and idle assets a far more lucrative and efficient operation for companies. It provides a direct link to the largest possible buying audience.”

For more information about, view the site at, or contact the company’s vice president of global sales, Peter Morin, at 914-479-0611.

KNB’s Materials Exchange to Speak at June INFORM Meeting

Elaine Gilmore with the Keep Nebraska Beautiful Materials Exchange program will be the featured speaker for the upcoming INFORM general membership meeting. The June meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 18th at 8:30 a.m. at the Gallup Organization, 300 South 68th Street.

The purpose of the free program is to assist businesses, industries and schools throughout Nebraska in finding an end user for discards that otherwise might be added to our landfills or stored indefinitely in warehouses.

Whether it is common materials like wood scraps, pallets, packing peanuts, paint, or unique items such as slide projectors, quilt batting, or playground equipment, the Materials Exchange Program can assist participants in locating new users for materials they no longer use or in searching for materials they need.

Since October of 1997, two full-time and one part-time field representatives have made 378 matches that have diverted more than 1.9 million pounds of materials from Nebraska landfills.

Some examples of materials that have been exchanged are: computers, light fixtures, lab grade chemicals, glass blocks 8’ pieces of 2” x 4” utility poles, paint, 5 gallon plastic buckets, medical exam tables, and soil and water testing equipment.

If you are interested in receiving the Materials Exchange’s quarterly newsletter, The Link, or in finding out more information about the program after Friday’s meeting, you can contact Elaine Gilmore or Allen Grell at 486-4622, or you can e-mail them at: [email protected] and [email protected] You can also visit their website, to view the current material listings or to list materials in the program.

Participating in the program can save money and space associated with storage, disposal and overall landfill waste.

USOP to Re-evaluate INFORM’s Purchasing Program

US Office Products and INFORM will be re-evaluating the new Cooperative Purchasing Program for INFORM. This evaluation is part of a continuing effort to better serve the business community. In an initial evaluation, it has been found that there are several ways to improve pricing and the program as a whole. The next month will be spent doing a complete evaluation of the program.

Representatives from US Office Products will then present the “new and improved” program to INFORM members at the July general membership meeting. That meeting will be held July 16th at 8:30 a.m. at Molex. Please mark your calendars to attend this meeting and learn of the many ways to save your company money and be environmentally responsible by purchasing recycled products through our program. Please also plan to bring along someone from your purchasing department so that they can become informed about the advantages of this cooperative purchasing program. For more information, call Carrie in the WasteCap office at 472-0888.

Market Pricing from Fibre Market News

Excerpted from Fibre Market News, Friday, May 21, 1999)

OCC prices are strengthening this month. Several sources on the East Coast report prices up by as much as $10 a ton. Other regions are seeing better market conditions. Pulp substitutes are improving, with signals that as market pulp improves, so will many of the pulp subs. Sorted white ledger has been showing some strength in many regions, although office pack grades are in more of a holding pattern. Mixed paper is following OCC with better prices.

Rural Recycling Seminar to be Held July 21 & 22

The National Recycling Coalition’s (NRC) Rural Recycling Council, in cooperation with the Nebraska State Recycling Association and the Iowa Recycling Association, will be hosting a seminar in The 1999 Rural Recycling Seminar Series. The seminar will be held July 21-22 at AmeriStar Casino and Hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The seminars will begin with registration and dinner at 6:00 p.m. on July 21st and registration an seminars from 7:30 a.m. till 5:00 p.m. on July 22nd.

The National Recycling Coalition (NRC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and improvement of recycling, and also source reduction, composting and reuse by providing technical information, education, training, outreach and advocacy services to its members.

The Rural Recycling Council’s (RRC) mission is to facilitate and increase conservation, waste reduction, composting and recycling in rural areas and small towns throughout the United States.

The NRC and RRC have organized the Rural Recycling Seminar Series to develop the leaders of rural communities, including minority and nonprofit recycling professional to increase the success of recycling programs they operate, or plan to operate, for their communities. This seminar has been designed for recycling managers, volunteers, businesses, and advocates who are serving rural communities.

Carrie Hakenkamp, Director of WasteCap of Lincoln, will be one of the featured speakers for the seminars. She will be presenting the WasteCap and INFORM models as part of her presentation as well as explaining to other communities how they can benefit from forming these types of cooperative programs.

If you are interested in attending this seminar, contact Denise Bohlsen with the Nebraska State Recycling Association at 1-800-248-7328.

All INFORM members are strongly encouraged to attend the monthly INFORM General Membership meetings. These meetings bring in great speakers as well as give our members a chance to network with one another. The networking that is created by this opportunity is what has made INFORM as strong as it is today and allows our members to see what works and doesn‘t work for other businesses. There is growing concern, however, that INFORM is not reaching its full membership. To gain even more strength in the organization, participation from our membership is extremely important.

The General Membership of INFORM meets on the third Friday of each month at 8:30 a.m. Locations are changed monthly to allow members to see other facilities. We hope to see you at the next INFORM meeting on Friday, June 18th at the Gallup Organization. Please continue to show your support of business waste reduction and recycling in Lincoln