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Lincoln Businesses Save Big Money Recycling

A coalition of 60 Lincoln businesses saved nearly $300,000 last year through their recycling efforts.  The 60 businesses are members of WasteCap of Lincoln, a partnership of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and the City of Lincoln.  In 2001, these businesses recycled 14,222 tons of materials from paper and cardboard to fluorescent light tubes, metals and electronic equipment.  For the businesses, not only does the recycling program help their business become better stewards of the environment, but also recycling helps to deter the cost of landfilling materials.  The landfill cost saving for these businesses last year was over $237,000.  Over the last five years, WasteCap of Lincoln member businesses have recycled over 62,232 tons of materials for a landfill cost saving of $1.04 Million.

In addition to recycling materials that would otherwise be landfilled, WasteCap of Lincoln members save money recycling hazardous materials that are banned from the landfill.  Last year, WasteCap members recycled 20 tons of batteries, 15 tons of ballasts, 65 tons of fluorescent light tubes and 68 tons of electronic equipment.  Each of these materials falls under a contracted price agreement that saved members over $38,000 in recycling fees last year.  According to Carrie Hakenkamp, Director of WasteCap of Lincoln, “In a tight economy, businesses need to look at every possible way to save money.  Waste reduction and recycling are generally overlooked as options.  A direct, out-of-pocket saving of $300,000 is very significant to businesses.  The members of WasteCap understand this and continue to save money each year. ” 

WasteCap of Lincoln assists Lincoln and Lancaster County businesses in developing waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention programs.  In 2001, WasteCap assisted Lincoln businesses in identifying waste reduction and recycling opportunities that could save over $40,000.  To learn how WasteCap can help your business save money, contact Carrie Hakenkamp at (402) 472-0888.