WasteCap of Lincoln works with businesses in the Lincoln/Lancaster County area to identify waste reduction, recycling and pollution prevention opportunities.  To assist in meeting the needs of local businesses, WasteCap of Lincoln obtained a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality’s (NDEQ) Litter Reduction and Recycling Fund to develop this on-line toolkit. 

This toolkit has been designed and researched by the following WasteCap of Lincoln Staff:

Carrie Hakenkamp, Executive Director
Erin Novak, Research & Outreach Specialist
Clark Otte, Web Designer

Special thanks goes to the professionals that have helped to develop this toolkit:

Jan Hygnstrom, UNL Department of Biological Systems Engineering
Phil Rooney, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department
Matt Jensen, Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center
Stephanie Vap-Morrow, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality
Mike Lang, Lincoln Electric System  

This toolkit has been designed to assist your business in developing and maintaining a successful pollution prevention (P2) program.  Rather than “reinventing the wheel,” several sources have been used to develop the toolkit.  This toolkit will walk you through the steps of Developing a P2 Team, Assessing the Potential of P2 Programs, Doing a Self-Assessment to determine waste streams and will provide you with links to resources for several areas of Pollution Prevention and recycling.  Use the toolkit on-line so you have immediate links to other sources of information.  These sources include vendors, products, consultants, additional publications and tools and technical assistance providers.

The outline below will walk you through the many aspects needed for your successful pollution prevention (P2) program.  A great deal of the information provided is geared toward Lincoln, Nebraska and Nebraska businesses.  If you are from another region or state, you may want to check with your local regulatory agencies to determine if environmental regulatory requirements may differ.



Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality