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Commercial Energy Profile

“Lincoln Electric System’s Commercial Energy Profile is an analysis tool that provides a thorough breakdown of your company's energy use. It factors in your actual or estimated usage, weather conditions for your location, and information from your billing history. It also provides customized recommendations for reducing your energy consumption and costs. All at no cost to you!” 

Making Every Day Earth Day
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About NICE

NICE was established in 1981 for the purpose of sharing environmental quality expertise with members, public entities and governmental decision-makers, and for speaking collectively on issues that impact on environmental responsibilities. Additionally, NICE provides technical expertise to organizations like the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


  • To provide a pool of environmental expertise for the exchange of information between member manufacturing industries, utilities and generators.
  • To speak collectively to the Nebraska Legislature or the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality on environmental issues before the Legislature or NDEQ.
  • To advise collectively the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality on issues presented by the Director of NDEQ or his department designee.
  • To assist each member company in environmental problems and issues by testimony or otherwise when agreed upon by majority opinion of the member organization.
  • To advise the public through the news media of resolutions and actions by NICE when deemed appropriate.


  • With the approval of members, NICE representatives provide testimony in public hearings or written comments to administrative officers regarding support or opposition to legislative bills or NDEQ regulations.
  • NICE monitors the State Unicameral activities regarding environmental legislation.

Mission Statement

To empower Nebraskans to take greater responsibility for enhancing their community environment.

Guiding Principles

  1. Acceptance of individual responsibility is essential for the enhancement of community environments.

  2. Education is the foundation for responsible individual action toward the environment.

  3. The most effective community partnerships include representation from the public, private, and civic sectors.

Materials Exchange Program

Since its inception in the Fall of 1994, the number of materials listed and exchanged has grown tremendously.  Participating in the program saves money and space associated with storage, disposal, and overall landfill waste. Many schools and businesses have saved hundreds of dollars by selecting listed materials instead of purchasing new items.

The Nebraska Materials Exchange Program also encourages businesses and schools across Nebraska to review disposal costs and examine the management of their waste products.
Keep Nebraska Beautiful is proud to offer this program as a free service to participants and anticipates continued growth and success.

Description of Services:

The Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund is unique in America. It is funded through the Nebraska Lottery, meaning that people who enjoy the fun and excitement of the Lottery also know they are helping keep the state's earth, air and water clean for future generations.

The Trust Fund is administered by a 15-member board appointed by Gov. Mike Johanns. It is composed of Nebraska citizens and members of state agencies, for a truly broad representation.

Projects funded by the Trust Fund are located throughout Nebraska, providing benefits to the smallest through the largest communities and to rural areas.

Currently, the Trust Fund is focusing on these four priorities:

  • The preservation and restoration of critical habitat areas.
  • Surface water quality.
  • Ground water quality.
  • Development of recycling markets and reduction of solid waste volume and toxicity.

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Lincoln-Lancaster County
Health Department (LLCHD)


Description of Services:

The Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD) offers a wide range
of waste reduction and waste management services. The LLCHD provides free, confidential, and nonregulatory multimedia technical assistance to businesses that request it. In addition, the LLCHD has contacts with many local, state, federal, and international agencies and can help find waste reducing and cost saving alternatives to current products and practices.
Call (402) 441-8040 or (402) 441-8644 for more information.

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Pollution Prevention Regional Information Center

Description of Services:

The objective of P2RIC is to provide Region 7 (Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas) environmental service providers, researchers and others with peer-reviewed, synthesized pollution prevention (P2) information, either directly or through referral to information source.We also want to identify, promote, and make more accessible the good information and expertise of the many P2 Providers in Region 7.

Description of Services:

The Recycling Economic Development Advocate (REDA) Program at the Nebraska Department of Economic Development focuses on business development, helping new businesses get started and existing businesses to expand and incorporate recycled feedstock into their processes. The REDA Program can assist businesses in developing business plans, identifying financing options, locating technical resources, and identifying opportunities for businesses to reduce disposal costs by reusing or recycling waste materials generated on-site.

Nebraska State Recycling Association


Description of Services:

The Nebraska State Recycling Association is a private, nonprofit dedicated to conserving resources and furthering waste reduction and recycling in Nebraska. If you have questions or need more information please contact NSRA at (402) 444-4188 or at [email protected]

Vision Statement:

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce will foster local and regional economic growth, which results in employment opportunities for the greater Lincoln community, compatible with and supportive of an enhanced quality of life.

Mission Statement:

The Lincoln Chamber of Commerce serves the community through a constructive interaction among business, government, and education, acting as the principal advocate and catalyst in promoting retention and expansion of existing businesses, development of new ventures, and attraction of additional businesses.

Description of Services:

WasteCap Wisconsin is a private, nonprofit, industry-supported 501(c)(3) organization which provides waste reduction and recycling assistance through business to business peer exchange. WasteCap assists and encourages companies to effectively drive costs out of their operations through improved solid waste management practices. We offer a variety of services that network business professionals, providing opportunities for participants to work together to create solutions.

Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality