Industrialized Nebraskans for Organized Recycling Management
April 1999

INFORM Signs New Hauling Memoranda

As all INFORM members are now aware, the hauling memorandum with Midland Recycling has been rejected. In an effort to provide members with quality recycling services, I have been hard at work meeting with many haulers and recycling service providers for the last couple of weeks. As a result, INFORM now has signed memoranda from six (6) recycling service providers in Lincoln and one other in Omaha. I also have appointments with one more hauler in Lincoln and will be meeting with two processors from out of town.

The seven companies that have signed memoranda with INFORM are the companies that have been screened for the types of services that they provide and the costs associated with those services. Please remember, as with any and all services, there will be costs. We would just like to keep those costs as minimal as possible to all INFORM members.

My meetings with the haulers have allowed me to develop profiles on each company. These profiles include a basic history of the company as well as the types of services that are offered. The profiles are available for your review on pages two and three of this newsletter. Please read through these carefully and select a service provider that most closely meets your needs. If you are currently using one of these companies and are happy with your service, please do not switch your service.

Please feel free to call Carrie at 472-0888 with any questions that you may have regarding collection service providers

Economic Analysis Services Available To INFORM Members

The INFORM office has been working to create a formula that will allow members to evaluate their recycling costs as compared to refuse costs. This formula, still in the trial stages, will allow members to “compare apples with apples” when looking at service fees. It is sometimes difficult to compare pricing when the unit prices are not the same. This formula puts unit pricing into per yard charges to help members find pricing that would meet their “break-even” point. The economic analysis information is available in electronic form on an Excel Spreadsheet or can be done long hand. For more information, please contact Carrie at 472-0888.

Recycling Service Provider Profiles

The INFORM Coalition is a very diverse group of businesses with just as diverse recycling service needs. Just like the INFORM group, haulers and recyclers are just as diverse in the services that their companies can provide to Lincoln Businesses. Because of this, several haulers and recyclers in town have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for collection of recyclables with the INFORM group as a whole. It is the hope of INFORM that we can successfully match our members with a hauler that provides services consistent with their needs. Profiles for each of the participating service providers are listed below. Use this information to match your company with the right service provider. Assistance in this process can be provided by the INFORM office, if necessary.

Small Quantity Service Providers:

Small quantity service providers would be those that are most likely to service barrels and totes. They are also the companies that would be most likely to go inside of your business, if needed, to service those containers. Small generators would also be considered those with a capacity to service 2 to 3-yard dumpster.

Recycling Enterprises, Contact: Chris Zegar, 421-6655

Recycling Enterprises has been providing recycling services to the Lincoln Community for ten (10) years. It is a full service recycling company that takes aluminum, cardboard, glass, paper, plastics, and tin. They service residential and commercial accounts. The services that they can offer are barrels and toters as well as up to a 3-yard, rear-loading dumpster and baled materials. Pricing is based on the number of stops made per month at each location. Companies may use their own containers or they can be provided to them by Recycling Enterprises, free of charge. In an effort to keep service pricing low, they do not participate in revenue sharing.

Basic service charges are:

Once a month pick-up: $8.00/month

Twice a month pick-up: $15.00/ month

Weekly pick-up: $25.00/month (minimum for rear loading containers)

Shredding: $0.05/ pound

For more frequent pick-up needs, contact Chris Zegar for pricing.


Robert’s Recycling, Contact: Doug Roberts, 483-2477

Robert’s Recycling has been providing commercial recycling services in Lincoln for 16 years. They can offer barrel and toter services for office paper and some newspaper and magazines, depending on their location. Companies may use their own containers or they can be provided to them by Robert’s, free of charge. In addition, they are equipped with a scale on their truck to weigh each stop and Doug Roberts will witness the destruction of a company’s confidential materials. Currently, they offer a free service, with the exception of confidential shredding costs. On a limited basis, they can offer services for semi-loads of corrugated cardboard. Because of the free services offered, Robert’s does their own form of revenue sharing that is based on payments received by Midland Recycling and the complexity and labor intensity of a business’ pick-up schedule. Payments are disbursed to his customers on a weekly basis.

Medium to Large Quantity Service Providers

Medium to large quantity service providers are those that can service dumpsters, roll-off containers (compactors), baled materials or semi-truck loads of materials. They generally prefer to pick up quantities larger than a 2-yard dumpster.

Gomez Roll-off and Refuse, Contact: Steve Strong, 467-1669

Gomez is a fairly new company in Lincoln. They are very interested in working with INFORM, but have not yet established fees for recycling. If you are currently using Gomez for your trash hauling services, you may want to contact them for an all-inclusive agreement that would have them service your recyclables as well. Generally, they will pick up dumpsters and roll-off containers and may be able to service other types, but probably not totes.

Industrial Services, Contact: Lori Knaub, 467-3581

Industrial Services has been serving Lincoln’s residential and commercial refuse needs since 1915. They are in the fifth generation of this family owned business that began hauling using a horse and wagon. They have been involved in cardboard recycling since the inception of the City of Lincoln’s drop-off program, some years back. They were also the first hauler to provide cardboard recycling hauling services to INFORM members. They focus their recyclable hauling on corrugated cardboard only, at this time. They can service 2 through 8-yard dumpsters and roll-off containers and containers are provided free of charge. Their dumpster pick-ups are on Tuesdays and Fridays. The cost for hauling (without profit sharing) is $35.00 per month for a once or twice per week pick-up. If a member chooses to keep the revenue from their commodity, pricing will be determined on an individual basis. Roll-off container hauling fees are also determined on an individual basis.

Shrader Refuse and Recycling Service Co., Contact: Daren Shrader, 438-4777

Shrader Refuse is a family-run business that began refuse hauling in Lincoln in 1975 and has been providing recycling services to their customers for five (5) years. Shrader currently offers recycling services for Office Paper, Magazines, Newspaper, Junk Mail and Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC). Recycling services are offered free of charge to their refuse customers and at a fee for non-refuse customers. Currently, there is no profit sharing offered through their service. Fees for non-refuse customers are as follows:

1-90 gallon container serviced once per week: $10.00/ month

1-2 yard container serviced once per week: $20.00/ month

1-4 yard container serviced once per week: $30.00/ month

For other container sizes or more frequent pick-up schedules, please contact Daren Shrader.

Von Busch and Sons Refuse, Contact: Jake Von Busch, 475-5197

Von Busch and Sons Refuse has been serving Lincoln’s residential and commercial refuse needs since 1957. They have been involved in recycling for five years. In addition to hauling all of the City of Lincoln’s recycling drop-off containers, they service many surrounding communities’ recycling drop-offs. They have the capability of servicing front loading dumpsters as well as roll-off containers. They generally pick up twice per week, but are flexible in their scheduling. Containers are provided. Pricing is based on the size of container emptied and runs $1.50 per yard per stop. (i.e. an eight-yard container emptied twice per week would be: 8 yds. x $1.50 per yard x twice per week = $24.00 per week). They will give volumes to Midland Recycling for profit sharing for each company that wishes to participate in profit sharing.


Processors are the companies that sell your material to the mills. They are also the companies that will pay you for your materials and offer profit sharing for certain commodities.

Omaha Paper Stock, Contact: Frank Kosiba, (402) 392-2007 (in Omaha)

Omaha Paper Stock (OPS) is a seventy-five (75) year old family owned business in its fourth generation. They service companies with baled cardboard and good office ledger. White ledger can also be picked up in full gaylords. They are in Lincoln often and pick up bales once per week. Besides offering processing services, they also offer brokering and consulting services, a recycling plant, lease and sell balers, and help recyclers design recycling programs. They offer services statewide as well as in Iowa and southern South Dakota. If OCC and white ledger are baled, OPS will provide a free pick-up and pay 50% of the Chicago Yellow Sheet (OCC) and Fibre Market News (ledger) second editions of the month. Payments are made monthly and customers are asked to sign a one year agreement with OPS.

Senior Technologies Representative Joins Advisory Board

Senior Technologies representative, Mary Bonebright, will be joining the Advisory Board in April. Mary has been involved with INFORM as the representative of Senior Technologies since 1994. Senior Technologies manufactures Wanderguard security systems for retirement homes.

According to Mary, INFORM helped to encourage their recycling program and has been a large part of their success. They began recycling after, former INFORM Coordinator Kelvin Hullet performed a waste assessment for the company. Currently they are recycling cardboard and office paper.

The position that Ms. Bonebright is filling on the Board has been vacated by Glenn Chramosta of Isco. Isco was the pioneer that worked to organize Lincoln businesses that led to the formation of the INFORM Coalition back in 1992. Glenn has been involved with INFORM since 1993 and has sat on the Advisory Board for about 2 years.

Isco is the manufacturer of two monitoring an analysis machines. One monitors wastewater flow and collects wastewater, the other is used for measuring oil content in industrially produced foods, such as chips.

Currently, Isco recycles plastics, cardboard, sorted office paper, aluminum cans, and metals. They have also participated in the Keep Nebraska Beautiful Materials Exchange Program.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the time that Glenn Chramosta has invested in INFORM and the Advisory Committee. We would also like to welcome Mary Bonebright to the Advisory Committee. We are looking forward to working more closely with her.

Midland Recycling to Present Plaque to INFORM

Midland Recycling will be the featured presenters at the April 16th INFORM Meeting to be held at Consolidated Companies. The plaque will include all INFORM member businesses and total volumes recycled by INFORM Members in 1998.

Sonny Marko and Brian Meng will be presenting other information about Midland Recycling as well. Mr. Marko has taken over operations in Lincoln temporarily until a replacement for Mark Tritch, who is no longer with Midland Recycling, can be found.

The next INFORM meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 16th at 8:30 a.m. Consolidated Companies, located at 6900 Van Dorn, Suite 21, will be hosting the meeting.

City of Lincoln and Lancaster County to Announce
1999 Environmental Awards on Earth Day

The City of Lincoln and Lancaster County will be announcing the 1999 Environmental Awards on Thursday, April 22nd at the Bryan Memorial Hospital Plaza Conference Center. The awards ceremony is hosted by Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department, Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful, and the Lincoln Public Works & Utilities Department’s Wastewater & Solid Waste Division and Water Division. The cost to attend is $5.00 per person with limited seating available. Your RSVP must be received no later that April 16th. For more information, call 441-8035.

First Star Fiber to Open Paper Mill in Nebraska

The March INFORM meeting held at the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, brought a new and exciting player to the Lincoln paper processing arena. First Star Fiber representatives Brian Gubbels and Lee Cornell presented information to INFORM members regarding a future Paper Mill in Sarpy County.

First Star Fiber has received funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust to perform a feasibility study of the paper mill and its converting operations. A second grant from NETF will help in start-up costs for the project which will cost approximately $52 million. The paper converting process should begin sometime this summer with the paper pulping mill up and running by 2001.

The converting operation will consist of purchasing jumbo rolls of paper that are cut to each individual business’ preference. Beginning this process early will help to begin creating a demand for the company’s products and services once the mill is up and running.

The mill will focus mainly on tissue and toweling, which has had steadily increasing demand and consumption since WWII.

The mill will need approximately 35,000 tons per year of scrap paper. Currently, they are receiving about 500 tons per month from their curbside recycling program in Fremont. Representatives of the mill are currently seeking a stable supply network to ensure that there is plenty of paper for the mill, when it begins production and beyondThey assume that Lincoln, Omaha, and Fremont will have enough volume to support the mill.

Although the paper mill will accept many different grades of paper, certain grades such as newspaper and Kraft paper can be used in tissue and toweling production. According to Mr. Gubbels, magazines are an excellent paper grade for tissue.

The advantages to local businesses are less hauling costs to get to the mill, no need to bale or compact materials, and a local demand increase which will lead to an increase in the prices being paid to recyclers. They have hired several consultants and employees to ensure the success of the mill and recycling in the State of Nebraska.

For more information about First Star Fiber’s Paper Mill and Converting Operations, please contact Brian Gubbels, Vice-President of First Star Fiber, at (402) 445-0638.

WasteCap Awarded Grant From NETF

WasteCap has received funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund to host four waste reduction workshops based on the use of current technologies.

The project is designed after a similar project in King County, Washington that saw some success. Their result was 47 businesses becoming involved with the program. WasteCap and INFORM will be partnering with Navix to provide technical expertise in electronic communication and how to use it to successfully reduce solid waste in Lincoln businesses.

The intended results of the program are: Increased awareness and utilization of e-mail and on-line systems; Increased use of Intranets for internal documents and publications; and Decreased amounts of paper waste.

The project is being implemented because many companies are wired for e-mail and networking but have not made the switch to a paperless environment. The technical expertise that will be provided will give companies the knowledge and confidence to use the technology available.

The project will begin soon with planning for the workshops and partnering with local providers to provide services. Look for advertisements regarding the workshops by early summer.

Please call the office at 472-0888 with any questions or to learn more about the program.