February 1999 Newsletter

Businesses helping businesses reduce waste in a way which simultaneously benefits the bottom line, and the environment.

Ten Vendors Signed up for the
Recycled Products Show

Ten vendors have registered to display products at the Second Annual Recycled Content Products Show. The show is looking to be a great success. The vendors and the products they will display are listed below. Everyone should have received a brochure describing the show and inviting you to attend the seminars and product show. If you have not received information regarding the Show and Seminars, please call Carrie at 472-0888.

Anyone interested in purchasing recycled content products or learning more about environmentally responsible document destruction should attend this seminar. Speakers for the seminars include Bonnie Fedchock of the National Recycling Coalition's Buy Recycled Business Alliance, Judy Byrne and Darrell Kempcke of US Office Products, and Tom Truelson and Dave Aschoff form Shred All. Please return your RSVP as soon as possible so that we can get an accurate head count for the meals. The Products Show and Seminars will be the only February INFORM Meeting. We look forward to seeing you on February 17th.

1999 Products Show Vendors:

  • Midland Recycling - Recycling Services
  • Light Cycle - Fluorescent Light Tube Recycling
  • Media Recovery -Remanufactured Toner Cartridges
  • US Office Products - Recycled Content Office Supplies
  • Collins & Aikman - Recycled Floor Coverings
  • Advanced Office Interiors - Recycled Office Furniture
  • Peerless Wiping Cloths - Recycled Cloth Materials
  • Millennium Plastic Wood - Recycled Plastic Products
  • McCollister & Co. - Recycled Vehicle Maintenance Products
  • Shred All - Document Destruction & Recycling

WasteCap to Expand Container Lease Program

Due to the overwhelming response of members that are interested in a lease to own program for smaller containers, WasteCap will be expanding on its current Container Lease Program to include smaller inside toters. A grant application has been sent to the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality for the purpose of purchasing toters to add to the current lease-to-own program. The original Container Lease Program was developed to include larger 2-yard through 8-yard dumpster containers to be used for cardboard and some office paper recycling. The new program will include 35-gallon and 95-gallon toters on wheels with lids. Although grant notification will not be until late May or early June, we would like to get a jump start on the program. If you will be interested in participating in a lease-to-own program for toters, please call Carrie to "place an order". The cost for a three year lease-to-own program is $1.60/mo. for 35-gal containers and $2.50/mo. for 95-gal containers.

WasteCap is Awarded a Grant from NDEQ

WasteCap of Lincoln was awarded a grant from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality's Litter Reduction and Recycling Grant Program. Altogether, the state received 60 applications requesting nearly $1.9 million for litter reduction and recycling projects. A total of $750,000 was awarded for 44 projects throughout Nebraska.

The grant program provides funds annually to Nebraska projects in three areas: public education, cleanup, and recycling. The recycling funds awarded to WasteCap will be used to create a process by which the WasteCap and INFORM models can be implemented in other communities in the state.

WasteCap will be developing guidance documents for local Chambers of Commerce and government agencies to demonstrate the WasteCap and INFORM approach to cooperative marketing and purchasing of recyclables and recycled materials. In addition, the model will be presented to several communities state-wide. WasteCap will also be developing a general Guide to Business Waste Reduction and Recycling as well as a series of industry specific waste reduction and recycling guides.

WasteCap will also be using the funding to continue searching for markets for recyclable wastes in Lincoln and will also continue to provide waste assessments and economic analysis services for Lincoln and Lancaster County businesses.

Marilyn Herman of the Gallup Organization Joins the INFORM Advisory Committee

Marilyn Herman of the Gallup Organization has filled an empty seat on the Advisory Committee left by Katie Mullin's departure in January. Katie Mullin of State Farm, stepped down from her position on the committee because of other responsibilities. Katie was a member of the INFORM Advisory Committee for one year, since last January. In that time, she worked with State Farm to develop a folder for WasteCap to be used for outreach and waste assessments. On behalf of INFORM and the Advisory Committee, I would like to thank Katie for the time she has dedicated to the organization.

Marilyn Herman has been a member of INFORM as a representative of Gallup since 1993. She patiently awaited the time that INFORM would begin to work with office paper and Gallup now recycles a great deal of office paper at both of their Lincoln locations. Marilyn has been a very dedicated member and supporter of INFORM. She has opened doors for INFORM through Gallup by donating Gallup's services for surveys and interviews for INFORM. Marilyn has also gotten Gallup involved in the WasteCap Container Lease Program, leasing a 2-yard container and will be using the new aspects of the program in leasing 35-gallon and 95-gallon containers for office paper recycling. We look forward to having Marilyn as a member of the Advisory Committee

REMINDER: Annual Survey Numbers are Needed to Complete Annual Report

Just a reminder that the Annual Survey that was sent in mid-December is past due. We realize that many people had to wait for the numbers to become available before they could submit them to our offices. If you do not have a copy of the annual survey, please contact Carrie ASAP and she will get one to you. Next year, to accommodate the folks who need additional preparation time, we will plan to send the surveys later and just have the annual report done at a later time. Thank you for your assistance in getting your recycling volumes to the INFORM office.

The Nebraska Air National Guard Joins INFORM

In January of this year, Scott Tontegode of the Nebraska Air National Guard (NE ANG) decided that their recycling efforts could see a better return if they became members of INFORM.

The NE ANG currently has approximately 150 full-time personnel and 950 traditional Guardsmen. Their facility is comprised of 12 buildings that are used for aircraft and building maintenance, supplies, security police and administrative and medical facilities. The mission of the Lincoln base includes air-to-air refueling and people and cargo transport.

The ANG has been promoting recycling and recycling seriously since 1994. Most of the materials are picked up by personnel on the base and transported to Midland Recycling using their own transportation. Currently, The Air National Guard is recycling paper, cardboard, newspaper, and magazines; fluorescent light tubes and ballasts; and metals, batteries, cd roms, and plastic bead media. Paper is currently the largest portion of their recycling program with approximately 2500 - 3000 pounds per month.

We're very pleased to have the Nebraska Air National Guard and its representative Scott Tontegode as a new member of INFORM. Scott has also been involved in recycling as a member of the 1998 Nebraska Celebrates America Recycles Day Steering Committee.

INFORM to Send RFPs for Recycling Collection Services

Many INFORM members have expressed concerns regarding the monthly fees that are being charged for collection services. Based on the January INFORM meeting and calls that have been received, the Advisory Committee has decided to send out a Request for Proposals for recycling collection services for INFORM. Preliminary phone calls to recycling service providers in Lincoln have suggested that it is possible to lower collection costs by using a hauler other than Midland Recycling.

The bid process may take a little while, however, the first steps of the process have already begun. RFPs will most likely be sent to service providers in the next couple of weeks and then after review of the bids, a decision will be made. It is very likely that INFORM will choose more than one provider for recycling collection services due to the fact that most of the haulers have specific needs such as volume and types of materials that will need to be met.

Please be patient with this process as we are doing everything we can to provide the best service possible that is also cost effective for our members. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the collection of your recyclables, please contact Carrie at 472-0888.

Recycled Products Purchasing Memorandum Available to INFORM Members

The Recycled Content Products Show and Seminars to be held on February 17th at the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension will mark the debut of a new memorandum available to INFORM members. The memorandum, designed to create an incentive for INFORM members to purchase recycled content products, will be introduced by US Office Products to the INFORM membership and other attendees of the Recycled Content Products Show and Seminars. In short, US Office Products is offering a 20% discount to all INFORM members for the purchase of recycled content products from their catalog.

This program is a result of work being done by INFORM with grant money provided by the NDEQ. In addition to the memorandum, the 1999 edition of "Closing the Loop: Recycled Content Products" catalogue will be distributed during the products show. For more information regarding this program, contact Carrie at 472-0888.