January 1998 Newsletter

Businesses helping businesses reduce waste in a way which simultaneously benefits the bottom line, and the environment.

Tech Park To Host INFORM

Technology Park is a statewide project of the University of Nebraska, the private/public sector, and the University of Nebraska Foundation. The primary purpose of the park is to encourage collaborative partnerships among industry, the University and the public sector. The tenants include spin-offs from the University, regional technology companies, and national technology firms.

The Technology Development Center is located at the intersection of Highlands Blvd & East Innovation Drive, across from Transcrypt’s facility.

It is fitting we discuss new technologies in the recycling industry in this setting.

The February meeting at Tech Park will feature speakers who will discuss how our fluorescent light tubes are recycled, and what happens to the material, a representative who will discuss tire recycling and the products which result, and give an update on the paper pulping plant which is trying to locate in Omaha.

February will be your opportunity to learn more about the second chasing arrow; processing material.

Featured Member This Month

Marilyn Herman

Marilyn has been purchasing agent for The Gallup Organization for 22 years.

Gallup joined the INFORM group in 1992, and has remained a strong member. In addition to her time at monthly meetings, Marilyn also has served on committees for special projects, and Gallup underwrote the cost of a major mailing in 1996.

Gallup recycles office paper, fluorescent tubes, cardboard and aluminum. With construction finally winding down, they hope to expand the cardboard program.

Marilyn is married to John, they have 4 children, and 7 grandchildren all across the country. Keeping in touch with her family is a top priority.

In addition to camping and her family, Marilyn lists collecting Beanie Babies for herself, and her Grandkids, as one of her hobbie.

Welcome New Board Members

Two new Advisory Board Members were elected at the January INFORM Meeting held at Pegler Sysco. They are Gary Aksamit, and Katie Mullin. Gary is purchasing manager for Carol Wright Gifts, and one of the original INFORM members. Katie is a loss prevention specialist at State Farm Insurance. We are pleased and excited to have these two great people join our team.

Future INFORM Meeting Sites:


4/17-To Be Announced




8/21-Carol Wright

Next INFORM Meeting will be February 20, 1998, 8:30am. at Technology Park 4701 Innovation Drive Topic: New technologies in recycling.