WasteCap of Lincoln Member Benefits

Ø    Master agreements with several different service providers to allow your company choices as well as great service at a fair price

Ø    Fiber memorandum to ensure optimum payment for commodities

Ø    Discounted pricing for fluorescent lamp recycling service through Retrofit Recycling and Environmental Compliance Enterprises (averaging $0.16 savings per bulb)

Ø    Discounted pricing for computer and electronic equipment recycling service through CP Recovery, Retrofit Recycling, and Environmental Compliance Enterprises (averaging $7 per monitor and up to $0.30 per pound savings)

Ø    Tracking for purchasing of recycled content products from Latsch’s Inc.

Ø    Discounts and/or free admittance to meetings and workshops with expert speakers in a wide array of recycling issues

Ø    Volume tracking and economic analysis information for your company

Ø    Technical research into new recycling possibilities (i.e. plastics, computer recycling)

Ø    Networking with other businesses that have the same recycling issues

Ø    Representation by professional staff at important recycling events

Ø    Monthly E-newsletters to keep you informed about important events, commodity pricing, and waste reduction and recycling information

Ø    Up-to-date information regarding local, state, and national recycling issues and regulatory requirements that will affect your business

Ø    Preference for professional recycling consultation and implementation services

Ø    Free, confidential, non-regulatory on-site technical assistance & employee training

Ø      “Members-only” access to certain publications and services