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Buy Recycled: Train the Trainer – March 2003, October 2000

These training materials provide the information and examples of how you, as a purchasing agent, can design your purchasing program and procurement processes to be more environmentally responsible.

Business Recycling 101: Train & Maintain – February 2003

This training packet assists businesses to not only begin a successful waste reduction and recycling program, but also maintain their current program.  Topics include computers, fiber, fluids, and fluorescent lighting.

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Guidebook of Environmental Service Providers for SE Nebraska
October 2003

NOTE: Even though the guidebook above is available for printing, the "Local Recyclers" section of the website can be used to obtain the same information.

Computer Collection Event:
Planning, Outcomes, and Recommendations
July 2001

WasteCap's 2000
Annual Report

Buy Recycled: Train the Trainer Program
October 2000

WasteCap's Guidance Document for Implementing Local Recycling Cooperatives

WasteCap's Waste Reduction and Recycling Guide for Businesses

Closing the Loop: Recycled Content Products
1999 Edition

Closing the Loop: Product Listing
1999 Edition

Industry Specific Recycling Guides:

Note: Guides are setup for 8.5 x 14 in. paper... These files will download (or save) as JPG files so you can print them from any graphics editor.   It will be hard to print them from the web until they are converted to PDF format.   Thanks!

  • Hotels & Motels
Page 1 Page 2
  • Distribution Centers
Page 1 Page 2
  • Restaurants & Bars   
Page 1 Page 2
  • Multitenant & Large Offices
Page 1 Page 2
  • Department & Retail Stores   
Page 1 Page 2
  • Institutional Organizations
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