Estimated Weights and Measures of Commonly Recycled Items

Paper Commodities*

Newspaper 475 pounds per Cubic Yard
Magazines 800 pounds per Cubic Yard
Telephone Books 1,100 pounds per Cubic Yard
White Office Paper 380 pounds per Cubic Yard, Stacked
500 pounds per Cubic Yard, Bulk Container
Computer Print Out Paper 655 pounds per Cubic Yard, Stacked
Mixed Paper 200 pounds per Cubic Yard, Unbaled
Old Corrugated Cardboard 150 pounds per Cubic Yard, Flattened and Unbaled

Other Commodities

Used Motor Oil * 7 pounds per Gallon
Lead-Acid Batteries* 35 pounds per Battery
Solvents** 6.6 pounds per Gallon
Laser Toner Cartridges*** 5 pounds each (on Average)
Pallets 50 pounds each (on Average)

Mercury and Hazardous Waste-Containing Devices****

4-foot Fluorescent Bulb 0.7 pounds each
8-foot Fluorescent Bulb 1.2 pounds each
Miscellaneous sized bulbs 1.0 pounds each (on average)
4-foot Ballast 4 pounds each
8-foot Ballast 10 pounds each

Computer Monitors*****

14" Monitor 15-25 pounds
15" Monitor 20-30 pounds
17" Monitor 40-50 pounds
19" Monitor 60-75 pounds
21" Monitor 80-90 pounds

* Information taken from "Measuring and Tracking Recyclables and Organics" June 1996, Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, Air and Waste Management Division

** Information provided by Safety-Kleen Corp., Omaha, NE
*** Information provided by Media Recovery, Lincoln, NE
**** Information provided by Light Cycle, St. Paul, MN
***** Information taken from NDEQ Guidance Document for Computers and Monitors